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Self-discovery is a daily event, maybe even an hourly teaching. As the clock ticks away the minutes, I ponder what it is I want to know about who I am. Do I know me? What I know for sure is … Continue reading

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Complete Balanced Wellness

BODY ~ Let’s work toward being our most healthy self, one day at a time. BODY ~ a 20 minute walk is doable right? Moving forward for the health of it. MIND ~ Allow yourself to become a positive person … Continue reading

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What mystical images do you see?

If I could manifest a spa like retreat it would be an enchanting mystical watercolour haven where the peaceful waves lap the shore and the sky of blue is draped in billowy clouds floating on by. A gentle breeze is … Continue reading

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Full moon, super moon, harvest moon….this being the last full moon of the summer gave me pause to try to find an answer to a question I have had for a very long time. What effect if any does the … Continue reading

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Love the one you are with

As a woman 60+ I have to say finding love outside of myself is difficult to say the least. Most men and when I say that, I do realize that does not include all men. However, most men over 60 … Continue reading

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What can happen in a second?

MIND: You can be happy even if you don’t feel like it BODY: Smile from the inside out SOUL: Your soul is who you are ~ smile Tick Tock…that’s how fast your life can change. It only takes one second, … Continue reading

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