Is it the memory of Christmas past that begs us to come together or is it a tradition?

’Tis the season, Christmas season when all eyes and hearts turn towards bright lights, festivals, parades and the wonder of it all. In the frosty air, you will find men, women, and children smiling and laughing, you might even notice a new bounce in each step. The joy is palpable. Choirs are singing and homes are decorated inside and out anticipating the happy celebration that is Christmas. Was there a Miracle on 34th street? Oh, and Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. (editorial 1897)

It was over 2000 years ago an Angel came to announce the birth of hope incarnate. The good news is that hope came in the person of  Jesus Christ. There was and is no other time where the whole world will come together in one accord. Family and friends travel for miles to make it home for the holidays. Is it the memory of Christmas past that begs us to get together or is it a tradition? Whatever the reason this event is faith and family honoring. What a great way to celebrate the birth of ultimate love. No one is too young or too old to take pleasure in the Season. All the wonder of the Christmas story will shine brighter than the star atop our tree if we simply slow down a little.
christmas miracle
Take time to remember it’s the little things that matter.  Lighting a candle, playing Christmas music, sitting around the Christmas tree having a singalong. When my children were young I would read the Christmas story or ’Twas the Night before Christmas out loud for them.  True gold memories make themselves if we simply take the time to breathe and embrace the season mind, body, and soul.
Most of us are running around shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, stressing, striving for that perfect Christmas miracle — I mean memory. Can we stop for a minute to remember the reason for the season? I cannot help thinking about all of the strangers who will be alone this Christmas. Sometimes it’s just too much and I want to push that thought to the back of my mind. For instance, when you see or hear something terrible in the news and you reach over to shut the television or radio off ~ forgetting that it will not go away and it is all too real. We can be that one person who will pray and/or do something, anything. Big or small we can do our part. Out of sight should not be out of mind.
These strangers hopefully had a home at one time…they have known what it is like to love and be loved. If not, then perhaps, we can be the hands and feet of God who has no favorites to show them they matter in this world. We all have been given the breath of life at birth. We are all worthy of tasting all that is good. Let us be ready to entertain them for we do not know when a human angel will come to visit. The World English Bible reads: Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2.
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One hour of Christmas songs 
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What does HOME mean to you?

A few words that come to mind when I hear the word HOME

H – ome sweet home
O – ur shelter
M – ake yourself at home
E – motional connection
I did a little research on the word home, the first place I checked was Wikipedia and what I found was a halfheartedness attitude towards home where the meaning described was all about construct. I know that having a house and a roof over our heads is a blessing, it is where most of  us live after all.  It truly is a shelter from the elements. So important, however, I simply was looking for something more, something about what home means to people mind, body and soul.
Home to me is… love, warmth, connection, where I can be myself, have home cooked meals, listen to my favourite music, a place where I pray, meditate, sing (only loved ones are privy to my singing – I will spare you. Home is…cozy, where dreams begin, where I rest, play, laugh and sometimes cry. It is where we find hope and where miracles happen. Home is a safe place to fail, to fall and to get right back up again without fear of being judged, and where there are a zillion memories — some good, some not so much.
A house has walls, beams, doors, windows and fixtures, things and most definitely has value but home is much more than that, HOME is priceless true gold where you will find your heart.  Happiness is going home. Are you driving home for Christmas?
I have attached a song by Chris Rae for your enjoyment.
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What is your symbol for love?


My research shows the dove symbolism as seemingly inexhaustible in their amorous attributes in history as well as in the world of mythology. However, when I think of a white dove, I think of love.  Since ancient times this bird was the emblem of peace and love. At a wedding, a dove was gifted from the bride to her groom as a denotation of her love and  fidelity. It is written in the bible at the retelling of Noah’s Ark and the great flood that  the dove was a messenger of safety, finding land and bringing back an olive branch now a representation of peace. It is also used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit – the white dove stands for not only peace and love but holiness and innocence. The releasing and glorious flight of the dove is more and more present on many occasions today, in turn making them more memorable in a touching way, including the birth of a child, graduations, birthdays, grand openings, weddings, funerals, and memorials. Doves are known to be gentle, harmless, sweet and nurturing. Yes, I said nurturing. Did you know that doves produce their own milk which is called ‘crop milk’? I have never heard of any other species of bird feeding their young with their own milk. It speaks strongly as to why they are a sweet representation of motherhood.
Aphrodite the mythical Greek Goddess who is also known as the Roman Venus was said to be the Goddess of love, beauty, pleasure and eternal youth, her sacred animal was the dove.
I honor the dove with her soft murmuring coo in the feathered animal kingdom because it awakens in me — attributes of love, kindness, nurturing, peace and celebration of life. All encompassing the virtues of motherhood, innocence, peace in the land, love which covers all, mind, body, and soul. The Love Dove. True gold indeed. “You will be like the wings of a dove with silver and her feathers with yellow gold.” Psalm 68:13
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Do you have the courage it takes to face the day? Mind, Body, and Soul?

For some, it takes courage to get out of bed in the morning. These words are dedicated to those dear ones. I can appreciate the extreme effort it must take to summon up the courage to face the world some days. A single mother with the ever-curious child who simply wants to see the world, however, small that may be in his or her neighbourhood. The wonder that is sweet and innocent curiosity. And yet, mother says nothing of her worries about getting food on the table, a warm coat because it snowed overnight… you know the everyday things we sometimes take for granted like water, heat, lighting. She is now up, the sun still shines because love is, love does, love surrounds, love cares, love bears all things. Or it maybe the father that works 40 plus hours a week and still cannot afford proper shelter for his family. And what about the neighbour down the street that is elderly and alone.

Love thy neighbour, this is true gold — John Donne is credited with this quote: “No man is an island, entire of itself”  We need each other.  I need you and you need me.
LOVE IS, love cares, love does, love surrounds, love protects, love always hopes, love is not selfish, love extends a hand of help, love never fails…there is more, see —1Corinthians 13:4-7
Can we be that hand extended in love today?  Our assistance is needed! Blessings
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Is Integrity a Virtue?

Is Integrity a virtue? I suspect it is…and if so why can’t we intend good for the sake and virtue of integrity? Is it because we perceive that everyone is ethical? Is integrity natural? Perhaps it is our personal peace that is the issue. Let’s look at this a little closer. There is much to ponder here I know. Integrity itself is a quality valued as being good.

We are energy, let us allow the frequencies of our thoughts to bring peace in all situations. Eliminate all negative energy — remain positive. This may seem a little more difficult than it sounds. I believe we make it so. Breathe in peace and exhale all things negative. If you need to escape a busy environment for 5 minutes, may I suggest you do.  If you are at work take a walk at lunch time or close the door if you can. At home, are you surrounded by chaos? Run to the powder room. Even better escape to nature, you get the idea. Think positive thoughts.
Our intention for today can be this — I intend to surround myself with positive people in a peaceful atmosphere.
Listen to spiritual uplifting music. If you have an iPod with earphones a great CD or MP3 ~ a gentle sound that will no doubt assist you to relax is called Frequencies of Thought by John Tussey (link below). Next, feed your mind, spirit,and soul with self-affirmations of love, prayer, and meditation. When ready, this state of bliss may also help your creative side to flame up — so take out your paintbrush, camera or play the piano, cook, sing from a place of serenity or teach…Whatever you do — stand strong in your integrity.
In conclusion —LOVE yourself. This my friend will sustain the true gold integrity of who you are. Namaste
In my research I have found that integrity is indeed a virtue — it is “moral soundness; consistent values and actions, unbroken completeness with nothing lacking.”
There is a list of virtues on (link below) that you may want to check out, you will also find their meanings as well as positive suggestions about them. Some of which are as follows:
Awaken your Natural Virtue
Perfect Virtue within you
Allow yourself to feel Virtue Now
Accept Virtue
Trust in your Virtue
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Questions I have recently asked myself. Who, what, where, why?

  • Who are you anyway?  Ponder
  • What do you want? Be specific
  • Where are you? Mind, Body, and Soul
  • Why?
These are good anchoring queries. If you have never asked these poignant questions of yourself. It is time to be real with true honesty. Get in touch with yourself and your emotions. We tend to keep up with the latest fashion, the cutting edge of whatever, that in the moment news. What if you remain in touch with the latest to the minute stories about you, by you and for you.
In order to be totally enthusiastically present, day to day, hour by hour, minute by minute, it’s not only important but critical to making the time. When standing In front of your mirror look past your body, your face and look deep into your eyes. It can be uncomfortable at first but meet your soul ~ who you are!  Now is a good time to ask away. Remember to be kind and gentle with yourself. This can be healing and it just might also be a springboard to revealing your purpose. Namaste
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goldenwalkIt is delightful to be a woman in my autumnal years of life. Ladies, I exhort you to enjoy the seasons of your life. As the years go by and your season changes — do not resist.  The place of less resistance is change. Seasons change, we change. I expect God’s glory to show up in each season and my desire is to hold my head up and not miss the wonder of it all.
The Spring of your years comes with birth and a testament to hope and you are welcomed into the world. Summer blooms and you are dancing in the breeze with joy preparing for the harvest to come and family is born.  Autumn in its’ splendour is offering the fruits of your labour and you begin storing in order to survive the winter of your life — the trees shed their leaves and in the dying have left their mark…as if to say don’t be sad this is the true cycle of life and not the end.  Winter is cold and gloomy and sometimes sad but more often than not it is glorious in its’ beauty. I captured this unmistakeable message on my walk the other day.
My autumnal message is ~ I am leaving my mark, I am.
Ecclesiastes 3:1 English Standard Version Bible says “To everything there is a season” and that is perfection.
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