About Me

Edna is a Natural Health Consultant and Nutritional Product Advisor who wants to make a difference.

A few years ago while managing a Health Centre, I was a healthy person. I started running and for reasons not so uncommon I injured myself, damaging my left knee. My personal health suffered to the point that I gained much weight, was borderline diabetic and had high blood pressure. I allowed the daily grind of life to stress me out to the max. Without going into too much detail all at the same time wanting to be real and transparent with you…so you can see that I am serious about this. There was a divorce, a loss of a child, a loss of a parent, a change of location and job…this all contributed to a collapse and a very uncomfortable ride to the hospital. My decision to make a healthy change came when I saw the look in my daughter’s eyes and the fear on the faces of my grandchildren when I was put in the ambulance. I tell you this to let you know it is never too late to change. Be well. You and I want good health. Let us go back to basics….back to the Garden of Eden I guess you might say. You need informed self care, to make responsible choices for your optimal health. Please recognize that I am not a medical doctor. My task at hand is simply to point you in the right direction for your optimal health. My personal approach to health is complete — meaning Mind,Body and Soul Naturally. You simply cannot separate the mind from the body or the soul. Self care is for the whole of you.I want to help you to understand your options and realize your need to remain proactive. Educate yourself and ask lots of questions to your healthcare provider. It’s your health, select wisely. Now that I am healthy, I want to make a difference on purpose in a life, your life if you let me. My favourite word is BALANCE.
I will blog about a healthy lifestyle as a whole — Mind, Body and Soul — Naturally.

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