Is it the memory of Christmas past that begs us to come together or is it a tradition?

’Tis the season, Christmas season when all eyes and hearts turn towards bright lights, festivals, parades and the wonder of it all. In the frosty air, you will find men, women, and children smiling and laughing, you might even notice a new bounce in each step. The joy is palpable. Choirs are singing and homes are decorated inside and out anticipating the happy celebration that is Christmas. Was there a Miracle on 34th street? Oh, and Yes Virginia there is a Santa Claus. (editorial 1897)

It was over 2000 years ago an Angel came to announce the birth of hope incarnate. The good news is that hope came in the person of  Jesus Christ. There was and is no other time where the whole world will come together in one accord. Family and friends travel for miles to make it home for the holidays. Is it the memory of Christmas past that begs us to get together or is it a tradition? Whatever the reason this event is faith and family honoring. What a great way to celebrate the birth of ultimate love. No one is too young or too old to take pleasure in the Season. All the wonder of the Christmas story will shine brighter than the star atop our tree if we simply slow down a little.
christmas miracle
Take time to remember it’s the little things that matter.  Lighting a candle, playing Christmas music, sitting around the Christmas tree having a singalong. When my children were young I would read the Christmas story or ’Twas the Night before Christmas out loud for them.  True gold memories make themselves if we simply take the time to breathe and embrace the season mind, body, and soul.
Most of us are running around shopping, wrapping gifts, baking, stressing, striving for that perfect Christmas miracle — I mean memory. Can we stop for a minute to remember the reason for the season? I cannot help thinking about all of the strangers who will be alone this Christmas. Sometimes it’s just too much and I want to push that thought to the back of my mind. For instance, when you see or hear something terrible in the news and you reach over to shut the television or radio off ~ forgetting that it will not go away and it is all too real. We can be that one person who will pray and/or do something, anything. Big or small we can do our part. Out of sight should not be out of mind.
These strangers hopefully had a home at one time…they have known what it is like to love and be loved. If not, then perhaps, we can be the hands and feet of God who has no favorites to show them they matter in this world. We all have been given the breath of life at birth. We are all worthy of tasting all that is good. Let us be ready to entertain them for we do not know when a human angel will come to visit. The World English Bible reads: Don’t forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2.
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One hour of Christmas songs 

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