What is happening with good old conversation? Most people I know are among the to and from on the highway of information in danger of forever never coming back to real conversation. Living in another world totally separate from reality and yet they call it “reality” either on television, internet, virtual games and/or videos. What of the eye contact, touch, laughter between two real people. One is looking down most all of the time,having only ears to hear the virtual world or they have selective hearing in the real world so as not to disturb, only to look up when it suits. Have you ever noticed couples, families, friends in restaurants lately? Including children as young as 6 each with their own iPhone having absolutely no interaction — together but not.
Conversation is our thoughts manifesting. It is a dialogue ~ words exchanged ~ where you need for the most part, two individuals to bounce thoughts off of, talking together.



In polite society taking turns to simply listen is expected ~ not thinking about what you will say next. It is understood that common courtesy plays out here. Different types of conversations is not easy to categorize. Lets just say that it has an important social purpose which in my opinion is necessary in achieving bonding between family members first together with society as a whole.
Conversation is sharing our joy, our sadness, our day’s journey, what we learn, what we wish we could unlearn. It’s a forgotten part of a taught skill-set namely called socialization. It is the learned language teachable gift of human interaction.
Studies show that on average we use approximately 16,000 words per day. Perhaps this has changed as this study is dated 2007. Not that long ago but things have excelled at such a level of speed that it is frankly difficult to keep up with ( at any age).
Don’t get me wrong I love my computer. I am writing this in Notes as we ‘speak’. I guess what I am saying here is we all need balance. Too much of anything is not good —mind body and soul— we are affected.
In saying this I sense a shift of energy in my own life. Less television, less Facebook (Offline on weekends) it is a luxury that I must indulge in for my own sanity. More one on one conversation, how about you?

About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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4 Responses to CONVERSATION

  1. kevsbeth says:

    Loved this Edna. I agree with every word. When we have family dinners, which I insist on once a month. The electronics aren’t allowed out. If I let them they would bring them to the table! God bless, Beth

  2. Claudette says:

    Oh!!!!your so write.I refuse NOT to have walks,talks, and just shoulder to shoulder conversation, face to face conversation, and just communicating without words is important too. These cell phones definitely are thieves. Stealing time from our loved ones, friends, and just socializing period.It’s becoming more of a problem even with adults these days. God may your people hear your voice as you communicate to all who are willing to hear you.If not please speak to them in their quite times or in their sleep when not pre-occupied to listen. I have a cell phone, but I refuse to have it grafted to my hip, or glued to my hand. Love your sister Claudette

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