Complete Balanced Wellness

BODY ~ Let’s work toward being our most healthy self, one day at a time. BODY ~ a 20 minute walk is doable right? Moving forward for the health of it.

MIND ~ Allow yourself to become a positive person by simply thinking positive every day. This attitude shift will work wonders even if it doesn’t look like it, in the natural. Keep on keeping on…Positive thinking is a reflection of your attitude and your attitude will reflect positive outcomes. You will then observe you are more happy, more grateful, perhaps even have more joy from within. You will smile more, laugh more, youthful vitality will surprise you. Believe, be mindful and just go for it for the health of it.


SOUL ~ It is not an it. Your soul dear heart is who you are. You are a soul. Is your soul tired? Speak to your soul, mirror to mirror to you ~ Arise soul ~ you have work to do. Sleep will not help if your soul is tired. Shake off the lies that whisper to your soul. All the negativity that tries to stop you in your tracks. Here are just a few truths about you ~ from A to Z 
You can be all you were destined to be. You are not only body and mind, you are soul. You are not asleep you are awake, you are not below you are above, not careless you are careful, not desperate you are hopeful, not ending you are beginning, not a failure you are a success, not a taker you are a giver, not sad but happy, not an accident you were intended, not dependent but jubilant, not cruel but kind, not hateful but loving, not less but more, not nasty but nice, not closed but open, not ugly you are pretty/handsome, not slow but quick (James 1:19 Dear brothers and sisters, take note of this; Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry), not poor you are rich, not sick you are healthy, not suspicious you are trusting, not useless you are useful and needed, not defeated but victorious, not weak but strong, not xenophobic (fear of strangers) but accepting and welcoming, not indifferent but yearning, not bored but zealous. Arise Soul ~ you are destined for greatness. 


A balanced mind, body and soul in perfect unison is capable of untold greatness.Yes they are all connected. The harmony we all look for is found on the inside of YOU not out. Watch your thoughts and words ~ they have life ~ and will ultimately create your reality. What will you do today for your mind, body and soul? Remember whatever you do will flow and show up in life through your relationships, your awareness and your devotion. Why not care for your Body by exercising and eating well, care for the Mind by focussing on the positive, care for the Soul by believing what is true about you. Namaste



About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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4 Responses to Complete Balanced Wellness

  1. Raymond Brisebois says:

    Thank you for sharing this positive post Edna.. 🙂

  2. Claudette says:

    Written from a woman who is balanced.Thank you Edna

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