Mama Robin

What have your thoughts manifested this day? On my morning walk all the while contemplating what this piece would be about this day. I saw up in a little tree — a bird’s nest — a place where Mama Robin will lay her eggs, a small grassy cup to raise her young. I stopped to take a photo for your pleasure and mine of course. Notice the blue and white ribbon flowing out of her nest. I must say I am delighted to have not missed the wonder of Spring’s natural new beginnings all around me, a true gold miracle in its own right. A moment in time captured in a photo. A bird’s nest all wrapped and woven in ribbon, such a gift.

I find myself wondering was this manifested by my desire to find a miracle? In short we are always manifesting. Our thoughts are energy so personally I do believe ~ yes ~ we can manifest such an experience. I believe we are surrounded by miracles and will affirm my gratitude to God, Universe and Mother Earth  for nature’s full-blown beauty, all day long and forever more, Amen. With Mother’s Day approaching, I am appreciating the hard work, the labour that goes into nesting in order to prepare and nurture the newly born young ones. Thank you to all mothers and mothers-to-be!
Edna Harris
robins nest.may2016

About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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18 Responses to Mama Robin

  1. Lore Raymond says:

    I appreciate how an ordinary event evolved into something much more…including your blog post, Edna. You remind me to look up and around for there are miracles manifesting everywhere! Right now in “sunny Florida” it’s raining and there are miracles abounding…critters dancing in the rain, but not any Mama Robins I’m afraid. Keep writing! xoxo

    P.S. Such a lovely meme by the way.

  2. kevsbeth says:

    Just lovely, thanks dear Edna,

    Love, Beth

  3. ckkochis says:

    Beautiful. I love it when nature reminds us of the gifts of creation.

  4. Jen Flick says:

    Hello Edna!
    I love the blue ribbon in the nesting materials. I’ve never seen that before! It will match the beautiful blue robin eggs soon to come. Thank you for sharing this magical miracle. XO

  5. claudette says:

    So beautifully written,and the chances of coming across a Mother’s nest near Mother’s day is a miracle for sure. Sometimes miracles are understood to be BIG, but Little miracles are BIG ones too.<3

  6. So lovely, I appreciate how the robin’s nest inspired you to look at your manifesting powers and extend appreciation to all mothers. I am amazed by the manifesting powers of my thoughts, if we only knew how powerful we really are…

  7. Diane says:

    A definite tribute to Mother’s ❤ Building and preparing is the joy of a mother. A gift wrapped in ribbon is the nest of love for our babies. This is a process that is not always recognized. I thank you from my heart for helping me remember the JOY of receiving ❤ this Mother's Day. ❤

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