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What mystical images do you see?

If I could manifest a spa like retreat it would be an enchanting mystical watercolour haven where the peaceful waves lap the shore and the sky of blue is draped in billowy clouds floating on by. A gentle breeze is … Continue reading

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Are you present?

“Live in the present” is a catch phrase these days. I have witnessed a couple of reactions when a person hears these words. One is the rolling of the eyes. Another is what I like to call an  ‘Oprah Winfrey’ … Continue reading

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Are we too busy to say Thank You?

Showing gratitude with words is precious but showing it through your actions is true gold. We all appreciate our family and/or friends who have been there for us when we needed them. Memories of those times warms my heart. Those … Continue reading

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Mama Robin

What have your thoughts manifested this day? On my morning walk all the while contemplating what this piece would be about this day. I saw up in a little tree — a bird’s nest — a place where Mama Robin will … Continue reading

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