Have you ever had a broken heart?

Have you ever had a broken heart? All the while believing you would never recover from whatever brought you such heartache and pain.
Mended – you still see the scars. Is it ugly to you? While mending a broken piece of pottery I was thinking it was now ugly and of no use anymore. I thought I couldn’t possibly glue it back together to look like new again. I contemplated throwing it into the trash when this perception dropped into my spirit.
A mended heart is a beautiful thing. The scars will remind you of how far you have come and they can be a beautiful testament to the possibilities of healing. You are perfect, imperfectly perfect and perfectly imperfect, scars and all.

Glued back together

Glued back together

I implore you do not turn your eyes away from the scars or the brokenness ~ look at them straight on and know you have the power to overcome. No longer bleeding or crying tears but standing strong in the reality, that you won’t allow it to happen again moving forward. Release the pain and emotions attached and set them free like butterflies in the wind. You have been given a new day. Every day is a chance for your new beginning.
Battle scars are a sign of overcoming not a sign of weakness. Wear them proudly like a gold medal reflecting hope to those following behind you. They too will recover and shine with a heart lovingly and carefully mended. God is good, you are loved, no longer broken, break-free (pun intended) from self-sabotage. Be liberated, step-out in joy, gratefully acknowledge your healing. Be encouraged. You may not be given a ‘new’ heart but you have a beautiful mended heart with a new destiny. Be inspired by the possibilities and re-write your story. You are more than a conqueror.

Mended and loving it.

Mended and loving it.

About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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4 Responses to Have you ever had a broken heart?

  1. I have a mended heart with many battle scars but I’m very proud of it 🙂

  2. Lore Raymond says:

    As always, your words come from your heart and are felt with such power and authenticity, Edna. Keep writing! Why not share a new blog next week on the Visionary Female Authors group page, along with the WAV group on Wish Wednesday?! xo

    PS How do I get my photo to show up? I so dislike blank profile blocks.

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