Do you travel to happiness or do you travel for happiness?


Do you travel to happiness or do you travel for happiness?

That is what I ask myself. It is said that a traveler is happier than those who do not. May I suggest that the way you travel and who you are with is what brings joyance to the shared experience; the destination is but the icing on the cake! In other words ~ let’s not miss the wonders along the way, have lots of fun and make memories.
Margaret Lee Runback said it this way ~ Happiness is not a station your arrive at, but a manner of traveling.
Exploration and freedom in the travel can lead to living a dream.That my friend is the happiness of the now, mindfully living the adventure rain or shine. It is a true gold wanderlust, to remain in a spirit of joy and forever allowing your passion for travel to be your wonderland.What do you base your travel happiness on? Happy travels.

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