Life is fragile ~ handle with care

In this day and age it seems bullying is more prevalent. Perhaps it is media access that brings more attention to it. I do realize that there is nothing new under the sun but maybe it’s simply due to the fact that children of all ages ranging from 6 to 60 are desensitized.
I am not pretending to know what to do here. Other than praying for wisdom, I am at a loss.

I recently sent out a package and requested that a sticker reading FRAGILE HANDLE WITH CARE be put on it. That same day my grandson came home from kindergarten upset because he had been punched in the stomach by three of his classmates. He in turn was punished for pushing back. The school has zero tolerance on a hands on policy. Our children are fragile and should be handled with care no doubt. I believe in balance and feel they need to defend themselves. Today’s bully knows of the hands off policy and in their minds rules are made to be broken. I know this is a delicate matter but as parents, grandparents,leaders, teachers, anyone in a position of authority ~ we all need to stand up for our children. If we don’t, who will?

Why is the one pushing back further bullied by those who should be protecting him. Segregated, sent to the principals office and not even given a voice to explain or give his side of the story all while the other three are laughing.

Today’s gentle reminder “Fragile Handle with Care” is not only for packaged boxes rather more importantly for the gift of a living soul whether in a big or little package. In Canada, February 25th is marked as anti-bullying day (a.k.a. Pink Shirt Day) which is commendable. I believe this ‘Day’ is celebrated on various dates around the world now. Still, may I suggest we endeavour to make a difference everyday by remembering to care about our fellow human beings no matter how old.


About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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4 Responses to Life is fragile ~ handle with care

  1. claudette cote says:

    Good reading.. I hear your heart along with courage to be the voice for many who are mistreated, and not heard. Thank you for being a voice for many.

  2. I agree that media should recognize bullying, even if it’s only for one day. But until we find a way to empower the children to develop self confidence and self worth in themselves, it’s a tough battle. Unfortunately, your grandson was on the other end where administration handled it poorly. I’m sorry for that.

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