Is Integrity a Virtue?

Is Integrity a virtue? I suspect it is…and if so why can’t we intend good for the sake and virtue of integrity? Is it because we perceive that everyone is ethical? Is integrity natural? Perhaps it is our personal peace that is the issue. Let’s look at this a little closer. There is much to ponder here I know. Integrity itself is a quality valued as being good.
We are energy, let us allow the frequencies of our thoughts to bring peace in all situations. Eliminate all negative energy — remain positive. This may seem a little more difficult than it sounds. I believe we make it so. Breathe in peace and exhale all things negative. If you need to escape a busy environment for 5 minutes, may I suggest you do it. If you are at work take a walk at lunch time, or close the door if you can. At home, surrounded by chaos? Run to the powder room. Even better escape to nature, you get the idea. Think positive thoughts.
Our intention for today can be this — I intend to surround myself with positive people in a peaceful atmosphere.
Listen to spiritual uplifting music. If you have an iPod with earphones a great CD or MP3 ~ a gentle sound that will no doubt assist you to relax is called Frequencies of Thought by John Tussey (link below). Next, feed your mind, spirit and soul with self-affirmations of love, prayer and meditation. When ready, this state of bliss may also help your creative side to flame up — so take out your paintbrush, camera or play the piano, cook, sing from a place of serenity or teach…Whatever you do — stand strong in your integrity.
In conclusion —LOVE yourself. This my friend will sustain the true gold integrity of who you are. Namaste
In my research I have found that integrity is indeed a virtue — it is “moral soundness; consistent of values and actions, unbroken completeness with nothing lacking.”
There is a list of virtues on (link below) that you may want to check out, you will also find their meanings as well as positive suggestions about them. Some of which are as follows:

Awaken your Natural Virtue
Perfect Virtue within you
Allow yourself to feel Virtue Now
Accept Virtue
Trust in your Virtue

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