A daring adventure

Mediterranean island  of Capri

Mediterranean island of Capri

Mount Vesuvius Overlooking the Ruins of Pompeii 2014

Mount Vesuvius Overlooking the Ruins of Pompeii 2014

The Blue Grotto -Spectacular blue 2014 The blue reflection illuminates the cavern

The Blue Grotto -Spectacular blue 2014
The blue reflection illuminates the cavern

This was my first trip to Italy and my first night was at Hotel Correra in Napoli. I can’t believe I am in Italy, the breeze outside my window has captured the voices of a couple, the language melted over my ears – and I smiled. Then, I realize they are arguing. My oh my, I laughed at myself –because even the raising of the voices sounded romantic. It was and I quote one my favourite authors here; Elizabeth Gilbert– where she wrote in the Attraversiamo scene in Eat, Pray, Love “it’s the perfect combination of Italian sounds. The wistful ah of introduction, the rolling trill, the soothing s…I would invent any excuse to say the word” well, I would listen to their words all night but alas it only lasted about 10 minutes.
Helen Keller once said “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.” For me this retreat to Italy was just that. I have not travelled much in my life let alone by myself. So daring it was and I loved it. This was a long trip from Toronto, Ontario, Canada to Rome then to Naples next a handsome driver took me in a car to Nerano ( with my eyes closed by the way–those who have tried to drive in Italy know what I mean here) which is near Sorrento. I absolutely was childlike in my awe of everything from the flight above the clouds to the landing of the plane on Italian soil. The people I met along the way were delightful. My visit was like a mind movie, surreal to say the least. I was on a wellness, writers retreat and it was very inspirational. I felt at home — Mind, Body and Soul– I am certain that it had a whole lot to do with the friendliness of everyone I encountered.
But, I had to remember this was a writing retreat…focus Edna focus! My creativity was spurred on and I was encouraged during our group coaching sessions. Putting pen to paper and letting the words gently spill unto the page. One on one coaching with three amazing authors and facilitators was the icing on the cake. Lisa Fugard is a leading writing workshop presenter and Author with Hay House Writer’s Workshop — 21 Days days to Awaken The Writer Within, she is intelligent and sweet as all get out; Julie Colvin, Author of bestseller ‘A cure for Emma’ is the creator of Wellness and Writing Retreats…she facilitates wellness through writing and will gladly guide you as required to build an exceptional story, proposal and/or platform. I will add here that Julie has a heart of gold, no holding back she gives it her all. Gary Finnan is wise in leadership, mentoring and developing creative projects. He is sought after the world over as a speaker and facilitator for seminars and retreats. A coach and raconteur extraordinaire – Gary is the Author of Hector. I am honoured to have been mentored by all three. I highly recommend you ‘just go’ on this luxurious adventure. If you want to know more please visit the page wellnesswritingretreats.com
I cannot say enough about my personal experience in Nerano. My private room was quaint, luxurious and charming with a definite Italian flare, not to mention the extraordinary view from the terrace and the infinity pool overlooking the blue waters of the bay (Marina del Cantone) which is just minutes from the Amalfi Coast. The local food was prepared with love by the lovely owner of our family run villa. Relais Vittoria is a luxurious elegant Villa by the sea with a very relaxing atmosphere and if that is not enough it is just footsteps away from the beach. The owner’s kindness and attention to detail was perfection. The homemade Limencello was sweet but delicious and something I can safely say we all as a group looked forward to having as our 9:00 p.m. nightcap at the end of a long day of writing or simply returning from one of our wonder filled excursions.
One being the Ruins of Pompeii an ancient town that suffered the violent eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD which buried it under 6 metres of ash. Such an eye-opening tour of the tragic event that caught so many by surprise, they were suffocated on the spot minutes after the eruption. I am fascinated by the tale but sad at the same time. A word of advice here –if you go there, be sure to wear running shoes or hiking boots as it is rocky in places.
Happier times were had at the family owned farm ‘La Masseria’ where Eugenio and Benedetto treated us with a grand tour of the farm. Afterward there was a taste of Limencello, Olives,cheese and olive oil on Italian bread– the best I have ever tasted and yes, joyfully served with red wine, no question. What can I say about the cheese – I recall two of the ladies in my group moaning out loud during the tasting – it was quite sensual,really. Laughter and fun and food was plentiful…the Gargiulo’s and DeGregorio’s made us feel like family. That my friend should say it all.
Of course, we cannot go to Italy without a visit to an authentic pizzeria. The music, ah the music, the smell of pizza in the air and again the red wine. Muah! I was on sensory overload.I think Dean Martin was singing in the background. “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore” We were taught how to make our own pizza from the tossing of the dough to the choosing of our own favourite toppings, then into the hot pizza oven they went, one by one …So good… So Italian. Not sure of my tossing skills but I think I would try it again.
Capri was our next destination – Capri with its caves and famous Blue Grotto. The summer home of Sophia Loren beautifully sitting in the mountains on the South Shore. The Amalfi Coast, the smell of the sea air, our handsome captain on the boat and the breath-taking views approaching the shore and marina of the Isle of Capri. I will forever hold close to my heart this Italian Adventure, the lessons I have learned will follow me throughout my career. Last but not least the friends I have made are and will be cherished, always. Arrivederci – until we see each other again.

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7 Responses to A daring adventure

  1. What an exciting adventure. You described it so well I could just imagine you there. Thanks for sharing and bringing me to Italy. :).

  2. claudette cote says:

    Edna I am so happy for you , it’s been a long time waiting for a trip like that.It’s sounds like a lovely place to visit, not to mention the awesome time you had.So glad you got to go.Another memory in your heart forever.

  3. Jude Leone says:

    You rekindled my memories of it so beautifully Edna…it truly is “Amore” ❤️

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