50 day challenge to learn Investing – constant learning is good for the mind and the pocket :)

1. Well I am beginning my learning curve on investing – a good start was finding Investing for Dummies for (get this) six dollars!! Of course I am no dummy. The book is a reference for me. This should be easy and fun according to the preface. Let’s go…

2. I really like this line “The only difference between those who know how to invest and those who don’t, is that those who know have invested their time and energy to learn.” We are not born with financial knowledge. When money comes I will be all the more wiser.

3. I am looking at defining investments – honest education for real people.

4. Wonderful walk again today – the sun is shining and I really appreciate and love where I live. Continuing the non-gimmicky lessons on investing. Need to get some time in for me to meditate though.

5. Balance is the important thing. A banker friend of mine said to me last night that he would rather have good friends and family than money. Absolutely!

6. Really good walk/run this morning. A little bit of reading on investing brings no surprise to me. The knowledge that I will have to consider doing one thing- take some risks – understanding and managing, the risks will come later. I have a lot to learn.

7. Investing is like learning a new language…mountains and mountains of details. Atleast I will know the jargon. 🙂

8. I need to run to unwind.

9. Good run today! I am running longer everyday…it feels sooo good. My study time is short today but I did read something true and funny and deep all at the same time. “Choose your investment spots wisely, if you are like most people you have limited time on this here earth.” Let’s enjoy the day we are in. 🙂

10. Foggy and damp today on my walk – my energy was low. Maybe it was the weather?? Sensible steps just like investing. Right?

11. I can feel the shift in the air from fall to winter…oh well, I guess it’s reality. Still reading and learning a little bit everyday. I need to flesh out and develop a plan which is perfect for me. I have a long way to go.

12. One more sleep and I am off to see my Cindy and family. I would leave this second but I have to work and have pay the rent. Darn rent. Great walk this morning. I got in just in time to miss the hail and rain. Investing – saving money is half the battle. Perhaps I will go out and purchase Personal Finance for Dummies and cross reference.

13. Was a great day for travel. Hit some snow in London…but the rest was great. No reading today.

14. Having a great visit with Cindy and Todd. The kids are so darling. I feel so loved. Nothing like family. By the way Jordan has another tooth. Going shopping today – will look for the book on Personal Finance.

15. Had a family fix.

16. Nice walk and run today. I picked up my new book in Toronto on the weekend. Now my work is cut out for me. Taking time to breathe and then hitting the books.

17. It is a wise thing to work on your body, mind, soul and finance fitness – it really makes sense.

18. Very early to rise – off to London we all went. Tepperman’s State of the Union then off to Chapter’s for some quality time with books. My sisters and I shopped til our feet squealed for relief.

19. I certainly feel the snow coming. The waves were high on the St. Clair this morning, the wind was cold…I thought a wave might just freeze mid flight. My run was exilarating. Practising good health habits, now  to focus on personal financial habits.

20. Internet was down this morning so here is the best line that I read today “Look in any mirror to see the person who is best able to manage your personal finances. Educate and trust yourself” Good plan.

21. Focus, focus, focus….on balance in life. Family, friends, health and maybe a new relationship then money matters….very sound advise.

22. Great walk today, brrrrr to start but once I got going it was great! Dr. Edna is doing a financial physical today.

23. Not so inspiring today – got up on one side of the bed – walked around to the other side and got back in! No, really I did.

24. Defining is knowing.

25. Your financial worth is not a report card on your life. You are not your money or assets. You are priceless compared to your net worth. Balance is the word of the day – spiritual health = physical health = emotional health = financial health. Affirmations are good.

26. Today is unfolding quite nicely…went for my walk. The snow flakes fell softly on my skin like white rose petals…then I turned around to come back and the wind smacked me in the face like a branch. Oh well, the day started like a song. lol

27. Interesting quiz since I am in the middle of improving my financial fitness. (What are you born to do?) Results tell me that I will do well in fields where I make money like show business or an accountant – where I deal with money. It’s in my blood and will rise to the top of my profession. Interesting to say the least — my walk was as well. Enjoyed it, smiled the whole time. It was very cold, but my heart was warm.

28. Ain’t life grand. My sister Diane and husband John and I having good laughs. Picture this, three of us having coffee and muffins all on our computers. Life computes today.

29. Freezing rain or not – a walk it is! Always good to ponder on life. Everything is getting better today – everyday!

30. Remember today is now the day you worried about yesterday and here it is a wonderful day…trying not to miss the wonders. I saw two ships today, one on my way and the other on the way back. Are we not like two ships in this world – going by one another. I will endeavour to stop and enjoy the wonders. After all it is free!!

31. The more grateful I am the more reasons I find to be grateful. Things are looking up. Financial status will improve in time. This is a great day in the life of Edna.

32. Life is full of delightful surprise. Look for them. Happiness is knowing who you are. Love, live, laugh, sing, dance….Celebrate life. Study…never stop learning.

33. “Supervise especially your thoughts, because it is they which determine your life.” Old Testament . Have faith that our desires are achievable then persevere. Positively.

34. OK Let’s get this day started…breathe and think BIG.

35. Today is December 19th 2009 There will never be another December 19th, 2009 so let’s make it count. Speaking of counting, balance, balance the budget….

36. Happiness is succeeding on purpose. That is my goal.

37. There is something powerful that is stretching my limits. I need to go with it, make the most of it. Right? See where this takes me. It would be easier to just stay in the predictableness of everyday life. Change is better for you.

38. The best things in life are free, so they say. I am just saying that 3 months free rent would be a great gift Santa. What a beautiful morning. The sun is shining, the weather is mild and I am looking at determining where every penny in my wallet goes. On with complete fitness.

39. I feel powerful, in charge, happy and satisfied. Self-discipline is a good thing. Affirmations, visualizing and meditation is a healthy life all around. That includes the practicals in life – is that a word?

40. I wish you Peace, Blessings and much joy to share, Merry Christmas!

41. I choose love, joy and I open my heart and allow wonderful things to flow into my life. Delightful surprises await you when you open the door – don’t hide.

42. Productive, fruitful day – prolific even….cannot ask for better!

43. I intend to be the leading lady of my own life.

44. Great run this morning – a little nippy to start but once you get going the weather is perfect. Just like every day…once you get going the day unfolds perfectly.

45. Detective Edna is detailing on paper all spending. A good way to start the new year. Structure is good.

46. Already almost done my personal challenge for my total better life. It is great to be alive.

47. The sun rises every morning for everybody and it is always shining above the clouds even where it is raining or snowing. Keep smiling

48. Happy New Year Day! Here is a good resolution. “Stop worrying about how you had a rough beginning, start concentrating on how you are going to have a great finish.” No matter what it is.

49. Looking at the trees at eye level – remembering when I was told to look above the trees and higher still smiling at the thought of things to come.

50. Not forgetting my dreams. I believe for a tsunami wave of goodness, in every area of my life. Positively.

About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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2 Responses to 50 day challenge to learn Investing – constant learning is good for the mind and the pocket :)

  1. Diane Underwood says:

    Wow.. you had me smiling, laughing, crying and relating. Most of all encouraged to pursue life with new purpose in mind, body and soul.. Thankyou Edna.
    I once read, ” Life has no remote – Get up and change it yourself.”
    You have demonstrated this for us.. many thanks. I am blessed reading your blog.

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