100 DAY PERSONAL CHALLENGE 2009 (from my diary)

Day 1 – This is a perfect day to start a new path. The winds of change are blowing. I must move forward. Let’s do this. A great start to my 100 day challenge. Keep me accountable out there. One day at a time to living my best life.

Day 2 – I begin again – this is a new moment – don’t be afraid of the dark (the unknown). I can do this.

Day 3 – Hey, day 3, all GOOD is happening now!!! What a great way to start the day!

Day 4 – I am surrounded with loving and caring people in my life!! Positively…

Day 5 – I have discovered that my favorite time of the day is 6 a.m.

Day 6 – Could have stayed in bed but you know I did it again. We shine, shine, shine. Doesn’t matter where you are – just do it!

Day 7 – Have some love for yourself! Igniting a fire of desire for change and yielding to it. Fire from heaven – consciously aware of reality.

Day 8 – If you start something – finish it!!!

Day 9 – Limp if you must, but keep going – find a way to keep going!

Day 10 – I am drawing on my quality of determination – ready to take on my dreams.

Day 11 – *Determination*  is that not a great word.

Day 12 – Full self-esteem ahead…no excuses! In the middle of whatever you are feeling stuck in – keep going!

Day 13 – A sense of humor is great! Relax – when you relax you see things more clearly. Wait a minute – let me get my glasses 😉  My affirmation for today is: I am filled with love and light.

Day 14 – Well, sometimes a miracle lands on your door-step  that will jump-start your faith and bring it even deeper. This 100 day challenge is that for me. My affirmation for today is: I am strong and healthy.

Day 15 – Letting go – changing my perspective – swaying in the winds of change. Things look pretty good.

Day 16 – Renovating your life happens through people not furniture or a new paint colour. What would I do without my true and faithful friends?

Day 17 – I have made this commitment to become more and never less than my true self.

Day 18 – I am living awake, alert and aware. Mind, body, soul. All good!

Day 19 – Wow, almost 20 days in…I am doing this!! “live,love,laugh” those are good words to live by today!

Day 20 – One day at a time – loving the changes in my life – one day at a time – enjoying the day and time for what it is. Being kind to me and not feeling guilty about it.

Day 21 – Woke up with a smile on my face. Absolutely thankful for everything that surrounds me. I am taking that feeling of gratitude with me all day. Smile.

Day 22 – Baby steps Edna, baby steps…all falling into place or should I say stepping into place…all one step at a time. Limp if I must but keep going. 🙂

Day 23 – There is a song in the movie The Sound of Music – climb every mountain – spiritual, mental, emotional uplift is there really, just look and listen for it. Love that song – very inspiring. (darn those mountains)

Day 24 – Soaring with strength preserving HOPE….oh yes….I am!!!

Day 25 – 1/4 of the way there. I had to jump a major hurdle last night.

Day 26 – When you have a new way of seeing things, you develop a new way of recalling things – I am learning not to set so many limitations on myself. Just letting go.

Day 27 – Changing on the deepest levels – leaving me free to step into the unknown – Wow this is big.

Day 28 – Every morning is a fresh start. Feels great! Can smell the oxygen in the air, the birds are singing, the sun is shining, my walk was great – how invigorating!!  I am paying great attention to the beauty all around me. Breathe!!!

Day 29 – Life itself is on my side – cheering me on! I am trusting and believing in possibilities as infinite as they are…..

Day  30 – Are memories something you have or something you have lost? Something for me to ponder today. Still believing for outrageous possibilities.

Day 31 – I have an excitement in my spirit – like something really big is about to rain all over me. hmmmm just walked an hour in the rain – was that it???

Day 32 – Realizing the miracle of living, hearing my heart beating. I breathe my breath, my legs moving me from place to place, seeing as though for the first time…for this I am truly and forever grateful and as Michael Beckwith would say….”just be and so I am”.

Day 33 – OK. I have come to the conclusion that a memory is something you have had and is something you have gained, not lost. A kaleidoscope of images and sounds that you can recall should you choose to do so. Some make you smile, others not so  much!  But you can learn from all the memories you have in the photo album of your mind. That is my revelation today.

Day 34 -Still running the race. I choose to give my energy to being affirmative. I stop giving energy to negative thoughts. Now there is an important shift – seriously – it is empowering and very healthy for my well-being.

Day 35 – Surrendering to living in the present. Not living in the past and not chasing after my future. Live, Love, Laugh continues…..

Day 36 – Well even though I am moving with winds of change – my roots go down deep and I have inner stability. Yes I do! Standing strong with confidence.

Day 37 – What did I say on day 35 again? Let’s try that again. I surrender. Man, this is hard.

Day 38 – Live (life is grand and such a gift), Love (freely given) yes even to ME – from me to me. Laugh (laugh hard and often – it is contagious) make a little happy around myself…these are great action words for me to live by. Works for me…oh, yes it is all about me for time – not feeling guilty about it at all. 🙂

Day 39 – Letting go of any barriers to change. Remaining calm relaxed and having a more positive attitude towards life. What a transformation.

Day 40 – Joie de vivre!!

Day 41 – “Failing to plan is planning to fail” Follow the plan and remain focused on the goal I have set for myself. LIVING MY BEST LIFE.

Day 42 – Thank you everybody for your birthday wishes. My wish for myself is to keep on growing, continue to learn, get better at living my best life. I am discovering more and more of my real and best self everyday. This is a perfect day to reflect on the NOW.

Day 43 – “Put your hand to the plough and don’t look back.” Look forward and look deep – you will be amazed at where it will take you. Sometimes midway we are tempted to look back and quit – don’t do that – it will freeze frame you in place. Keep going….

Day 44 – Woke up knowing I am fully capable of doing anything I set my mind to. Having the confidence to see it through. Anticipate happiness and happiness is yours. Anticipate success and success is yours.

Day 45 – Instinct and Intuition – two great words. Excited to allow these to be part of my life. Natural, yes….but of my life. Natural, yes….but pushed away for too long. Trusting the gift inside me and going with it.

Day 46 – I will continue to push through until I get the desired result. I am well on my way. This is a great day in the life of Edna.

Day 47 – When walking down the path of change there are broken sidewalks. If I zig when they zag or zag when they zig….I will eventually reach the FREEDOM TRAIL. Oh yes, I will.

Day 48 – There is nothing like looking into someone’s eyes and having them look back at you with love in their eyes. I am so blessed.

Day 49 – Don’t go by what you see or feel. Feelings are fickle. Keep on going, your true friends are behind you cheering you on. Keep smiling 🙂

Day 50 – The half way mark – enjoying the dance. That inner dance of life…..what a pleasant surprise.

Day 51 – Taking time to breathe….from this moment on everything will unfold in a most magnificent way. Stand back and watch.

Day 52 – Making a commitment to being more and never less than my true self. Commitment is that a good word or what???

Day 53 – Learning to live each and everyday to the fullest – full-out…Another life lesson. Enjoying the present and remembering my life lesson on NOT to be chasing after my future! Here we go…

Day 54 – Cultivating a sense of gratitude for all I have in my life.

Day 55 – When you change your SELF you change your WORLD. There is so much meaning in those words. All is good.

Day 56 – Having a more relaxed attitude towards myself and others gives me peace and a knowing that I can cope with whatever life has to offer.

Day 57 – Inner peace brings an inner awareness, which in turn brings me an inner strengths that I can draw from everyday, for months and years to come. I am confident….

Day 58 – Can you believe it? My walk this morning was invigorating – stepped it up a notch – will be running again in no time…I feel great!

Day 59 – Very windy down by the water this morning, which brought to mind the winds of change and how it is what it is. There is nothing I can do about it. When walking against the wind there is resistance but I keep pushing through. Makes me smile. This is good.

Day 60 –  I think I have found my anthem for the 100 day challenge. “The struggles I am facing, the chances I am taking….It’s not about what is waiting on the other side, of the mountain – it’s the climb” Miley Cyrus, The climb.”I can almost see it – the dream, I am dreaming….I am holding my head held high” Keep smiling Edna

Day 61 – I had a hard time getting going this morning but I was my own cheerleader – put on my ‘I am going to do this’ armor and runners and got out there. I am so glad I did.

Day 62 – Moment by moment my awareness is exploding so wide – as big as the sky. Really noticing and paying close attention to my thoughts and just being. The vastness and the color of the sky over the water this morning was breathtaking. I must take more time to be aware of what is around me. Soooo beautiful.

Day 63 – Breathe in – “every new breath you breathe is a new beginning and each breath out is letting go” Stepping out of clock time – being present. Enjoying the air around me bathing in it.

Day 64 – Here is a truism worthy of noting. It came to me that when I limp or stumble through this mystery called life, I am finding out who I really am or was – that my dear Edna,  is called destiny. It is never too late to walk in your true destiny. “Who you might have been” as George Eliot so eloquently said.

Day 65 – It is pouring out there. I enjoyed my walk very much – got soaked – even my raincoat got drenched. I need a hot tea and a hot shower.

Day 66 – Got to shake it up! Do this just for me….this is good! Cannot waste anymore time waiting to ravish life. Live, Love, Laugh, even in the rain.

Day 67 – Someone put a rainbow in the sky just for me this morning – with the rain and the sunrise over the bridge – wow, so breath-taking! I love getting up at 6 a.m.. I look forward to it everyday and everyday is a new beginning.

Day 68 – Every day there are clues to watch for that this day, every day has something more, don’t miss it. You will never be bored with the wonders of God and creation. What a great day. 🙂 Today two love birds (one tree between them)

Day 69 – The key to my good health is to remain calm, calmer now, even calmer still, relaxed more and more relaxed. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 🙂 inner peace!

Day 70 – Keeping it real!!!

Day 71 – A shift in consciousness, living with a very conscious mind – aware – enjoying what is for sure. No more analysing simply taking the world as it is. Here is a good word – liberation.

Day 72 – Silent Illumination – takes a lot of practice. You know just allowing everything to be. Yes, even me. It is said, that the Navaho – have a blessing – “May you walk in beauty” How beautiful 🙂 A few simple words with a lot of meaning…nice….

Day 73 – I must continue with this challenge. I insist.

Day 74 – A little blood, sweat and tears. My heels are bleeding again….oh well, all very much worth it.

Day 75 – The gift you can give to you is to love yourself. Be sweet. Smile and give a smile to someone you do not know, everyday!

Day 76 – I am fully aware of time and space and sounds, light, the coolness of a breath in and the warmth of a breath out. Life is grand. What a beautiful morning.

Day 77 – Last night I mentioned to someone, that my feet were sore. One hour later there was a knock at the door – love in motion showed up. I was given a fabulous foot massage. While my feet were being cared for – my heart was being touched. Yes, love is a verb.

Day 78 – Moving into my day slowly and gracefully. Enjoying every moment on purpose – being ever so grateful for everything in my life.

Day 79 – You know when something catches your eye while walking at a good pace and you just keep going because you don`t want to miss a beat. Next time – stop – enjoy the moment – it`s so worth it.

Day 80 – Going on with my eyes wide open. Getting  clarity and much insight into my life. I love my morning time pounding the sidewalk – a couple of hours today. I am off so more time for fun. Just a small part of this challenge. 🙂

Day 81 – It’s like I am going through the door to my future – leaving all of the noise of the world behind me – delighting in the journey – one moment at a time. Makes me smile with hope that my journey is bringing me to a special place.

Day 82 – Friends and family…it’s amazing to me….the support, the love, genuine hope for my success and happiness. I was thinking about all of that while walking this morning. It blows me away that someone can love that much. By the way the feeling is mutual.

Day 83 – Immersing yourself into something you really like has a renewing effect on your mind and body. Aaah la vie!!

Day 84 – We are so much more than we think. Just look around you today and listen. Really listen to the sounds, watch the rolling clouds, listen to your inner voice. Learn who you really are, we are much more than what we see in the mirror.

Day 85 – I love driving, and am looking forward to doing just that…just me and my sister. I should really do that more often. Turn up the tunes and go.

Day 86 – Soooo cold – went walking to Clear Lake, Espanola and back – walked in a fog – looked like I was in the clouds. So cold that I had goose  bumps the size of my nose. LOL Loved every second of it, really invigorating!!! Home and vacation – clears your mind.

Day 87 – Walking in a thick fog is much like LIFE. Don’t look back – you have already passed it – going forward you can only see a few feet in front of you. Even if you run you cannot see any better  – don’t strain your eyes trying to see your future just enjoy what is now presently.

Day 88 – One more sleep and my baby brother gets married. What a memorable day it will be. So happy for him and his new bride to be.

Day 89 – Another foggy morning. Invigorating none the less. Here we are Saturday, September 19th, 2009. David and Judy’s wedding day! Oh! what fun this will be – going to be very nice weather – perfect for an outdoor wedding.

Day 90 – Well no walk or run today but I danced to my hearts content in celebration of Dave and Judy’s wedding. That counts – right? What a wonderful day it was. Pictures will follow in a few days.

Day 91 – Wonderful walk this morning! Time to go home – back to the real world now….I had a blast with family and friends.

Day 92 -Still going strong. I am more and more convinced that challenging yourself in all areas of your life is a very good thing. Actually in fact the best thing I have ever done for me.

Day 93 – There are times in life when a golden rope is there for you to grab – I guess some people call it a brass ring – I have decided to take hold of that golden rope – watch and see what happens. I am visualizing myself in that place right now. I can do this.

Day 94 – Have you ever heard that the way you look at things, the things you look at change. I have found this to be spectacularly true. What a growing experience.

Day 95 – Just taking the time to observe myself – how I am feeling, how I expect this day to unfold – a positive outlook is so important and so the day begins with a smile.

Day 96 – You can do anything you want in life –  just work at it. Stay calm, focus, and do it with confidence. Standing tall today – going into the day with full attention to detail.

Day 97 – Giving serious thought to what my next challenge will be. I am thinking  – mind, body and soul – living my best life – doing a 100 day cleanse and learning how to invest. I think yes – I can do this! Today I need to ask myself what do I want? That is the question.

Day 98 – Rain or shine, I am pushing through! Oh, yes I am…..

Day 99 – I am remembering the song – “If you’re happy and you know it, clap your hands” so fun, makes you happy just singing it….brings the little child memories back to the surface. Smile, be happy, all good is just around the corner, I just know it.

Day  100 – Woo hoo!!! I did it. Success – looks like me! Now to live it….. I saw a rose in full bloom on a rose-bush that looked dead!!! Just when you think there is no life left – there it is, the beauty of it all!!!

About Its All Gold with Edna Harris

Natural Health Consultant and Registered Nutritional Product Advisor Caring for Body, Mind and Soul Naturally. "Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care." Budha
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4 Responses to 100 DAY PERSONAL CHALLENGE 2009 (from my diary)

  1. Diane Underwood says:

    I am so very proud of you Edna. Your winter season is over.. now for spring.. I look with anticipation and joy to see the blooming you will be doing. Love you so much. Your sister Diane. 🙂

  2. Diane Underwood says:

    You are such an encouragement to others. I read once.. that You have to be brave with your life so others can be brave with theirs.. (Pass it on).
    Oh what a disciplined and brave demonstration of reaching your goal Edna.. Thankyou for sharing.

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